• FS BC Wax Polish

FS BC Wax Polish


All natural highly refined wax based polish - Hard

Suitable for:

  • Hard and Soft woods - polish and shield
  • Metals - rust prevention, polish
  • Leather - hydrate, nourish, polish and shield

Non-poisonous, no artificial or synthetic chemicals. Non polymerizing (does not turn into plastic), does not harden dry. Very mild, pleasant odour


For easier application warm up the surface of the polish gently with heat gun or hair dryer.

With metals, rub on and polish until you have nice even coat and sheen on the surface.

For woods and leather, rub on even thin coat and leave for a while. The oil in the polish will get absorbed into the material. Polish with clean lint free rag to seal the pores for nice sheen protective surface.

Contains: pure liquid paraffin, beeswax, carnauba wax

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