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FS Wood Oil


Highly refined pure liquid paraffin for wood conditioning and moisture resistance.

Great option for odourless, non-poisonous wood treatment in and out of saunas.

Suitable for treating sauna benches, ceilings and walls. Does not polymerize (turn into plastics).

Always make sure you apply the oil on dry, clean surface. Light sanding with fine grip sandpaper is the easiest way to clean any stubborn stains.

Easy to apply with rag, sponge or brush. For best results heat up the sauna around 40-50 degrees Celsius. Spread over the surface, come back with clean lint free rag and wipe off the excess, leave to dry overnight.

If the wood absorbs the oil immediately, just come around and apply another coat.

FS Wood Oil gets absorbed into the wood pores leaving no room for water to be absorbed.

While the FS Wood Oil is colourless itself, it will bring up the natural colour and texture of the wood and make it appear darker.

Contains: liquid paraffin

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